Can I get a quotation if I bring my watch to the store?2019-06-01T18:28:13+01:00

We will be able to give you an idea of cost but sometimes we will need to do further investigations in which case we will book your watch into our system and provide a final price via telephone and email.

Can you repair gold links?2019-06-01T18:27:36+01:00


How long will my bracelet stay tight?2019-06-01T18:27:01+01:00

Time spans can vary according to wear and tear but if serviced annualy; as offered free of charge, the bracelet should stay tight.

Will my watch lose its shine?2019-06-01T18:26:13+01:00

Surface scratches; which are un avoidable will impact one shine as it did when the watch was brand new.

What guaranties do you offer?2019-06-01T18:25:29+01:00

We offer a five year guarantee for bracelet repairs.

Is Fixalink responsible for my watch?2019-06-01T18:24:33+01:00

Yes; as soon as it is posted to us in our post bag provided it will be insured by us and our resonsibility.

How long will you need my watch?2019-06-01T18:23:43+01:00

Around 30 days depending on the amount of work needed.

Is the required work carried out in Hatton Garden?2019-06-01T18:22:55+01:00

Yes; all the jobs are done in our fully insured workshop in Hatton Garden


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