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Our restoration services encompass dents in watchcases, links, buckles and deployment clasps. A full or part re pinning of the bracelet is required when the centre link pins become old and worn and the metal links become floppy. This is commonly known as “stretch” and this can lead to breakage of the pins themselves potentially causing either damage to the bracelet or loss of the watch itself.

Over time grime and dirt builds up between the bracelet links and unless regularly cleaned it will form into a cement like abrasive substance which wears the metal away. The wear will increase as your bracelet loosens because the links have more space to move and grind together. This ultimately creates the stretching/floppiness that is common place. Generally 18 carat gold bracelets will need new pins and soldering work to make them like new again.

Bracelet restoration is a very cost effective way of safe guarding your treasured timepiece/family heirloom whilst ensuring the bracelet is given a new lease of life. Our work is guaranteed so many more years of use can be enjoyed by you and future generations too!


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Fill out the watch bracelet repair form with as much information about your watch and its needs/problems as possible.

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SHIPPING IS ON US! After you’ve completed the form, we will post you a box with a shipping label. Take your boxed watch to the Post Office and send it back. Your precious time piece is fully insured by us up to £25,000.00!

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Our technicians will inspect your bracelet then contact you with the final price. If you’re happy, we’ll get to work!

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Once your restoration is complete, we’ll confirm via email with some videos and photographs of the finished article. We will then pop it back in the post to you.


Watch Bracelets that have been refurbished by us, will be guaranteed for 5 Years. Furthermore a FREE LIFETIME annual inspection, steam clean and light polish will be included. This will help ease the need for full refurbishments in the future.


The Quick Assessment Form will let you see how cost effective it can be to bring your watch back to an excellent condition. We don’t expect everybody will post a watch or take time to travel without at least some idea of potential costs.

By uploading photographs and/or videos of the watch where highlighted on the Quick Assessment page, we will be able to view and discuss any work required and provide a rough estimate of cost.

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Complete the Bracelet Repair Form and we will send you a box out in the post. Use the secure packaging and return the watch to us via the Post Office for a free service fully insured by us. (Value up to £25,000)

On arrival at our premises your watch will be inspected by one of our specialists. An adviser will contact you and show you by means of videos and photographs what work is required and what you can expect from us.

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We’re based in the UK’s leading, historic Jewellery and Watch quarter. Meet friendly, receptive staff with a combined experience spanning 60 years.

We will walk you through the services on offer. We may not be able to provide a full quotation on the spot but will be pleased to offer guidance for your comfort.

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