Care tips to keep your watch working for as long as possible

When purchasing a luxury watch, you are probably doing so with the hope that it will work for decades to come. You might even have plans to pass it on to your children, and even grandchildren. Luxury watches are certainly designed to stand the test of the time they tell, and with the proper care, you might be surprised at just how long that can be. We’ve put together some tips to help you to care for your timepiece, to truly maximise its working life.

Keep your watch clean

As your watch ages, dust, dirt and oil can begin to accumulate and build up in the many creases and crevices in the case, bracelet, links and bezel. It is important to regularly clean all parts of your watch to prevent these build-ups from affecting how your watch works. Check the cleaning instructions given by your watch company.


Different materials, like leather vs stainless steel, will have different cleaning requirements.

Keep your watch wound

Winding your watch is an important requirement of watch care. Keeping the mechanism wound helps to keep it working effectively, and an unwound watch can be prone to malfunction. Automatic watches will continue to run until they go into power reserve mode – to turn off power reserve mode, set the time and wind the watch. Automatic watches cannot be over-wound, as the clutches disengage the winding mechanism.If you have a manual watch, you should stop winding when you begin to feel any kind of resistance. If you wind the watch too far, the spring can become damaged. We recommend that you try to wind the watch at the same time everyday.

Keep your watch stored properly

When you aren’t planning on wearing your watch very often, it is important to store it properly. The best way to store your watch is in a watch winder. Not only will a watch winder protect your watch from moisture and dust, but it will also keep the parts moving. This will prevent the parts and lubricant from stiffening.If you don’t have a watch winder, keep your watch in its original box, around the original watch roll. This will help to keep it dry and dust-free. Try to keep your watch wound when storing it – we recommend winding your watch at least once a week. Store your watch away from moisture, heat and humidity.

Wear your watch regularly

One of the best ways of prolonging the life of your watch is to wear it regularly. It might sound unlikely, but the movement that comes from wear can help to keep the parts in the watch well lubricated and working smoothly. If left unworn and untouched for a long period of time, the lubricants can begin to harden, causing friction in the mechanism.

Get your watch serviced

We recommend that you always take your watch to an expert if you have any problems with it. Opening your watch yourself can leave the mechanism open to further damage, through exposure to moisture and dust. An expert should be able to diagnose and fix any problems, to help you to carry on enjoying your timepiece for as long as possible.