Let’s focus on the TAG Heuer Carrera Chrono, model number CAR2210.BA0721. With a 39mm Stainless Steel Case, Black Dial, and Stainless Steel Bracelet, the Carrera edition is as sleek as they come.

TAG Heuer as a brand is steeped in motorsport history. This luxury watch brand is all about the tarmac and track of Formula 1 as well as other motorsport competitions.

Recently, you may have noticed they held a sponsorship deal with the English Premier League as their official timekeeper. TAG Heuer’s logo would pop up on the scoreboard every fifteen minutes. TAG Heuer branding even featured on the fourth officials’ time board, which appears to announce additional stoppage-time and substitutes.

But, alas, the sponsorship deal with England and Europes most lucrative league has ended, and TAG Heuer has been replaced by Hublot. They have though, begun a sponsorship with Manchester United instead.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a brand evolving and becoming known for new things. That’s happening around us constantly. However, visit the official site of TAG Heuer and you’ll be greeted with a motorsport welcome. Followed by Tennis.

TAG Heuer produce ranges titled; Formula 1, Monaco, and even the name Aquaracer doesn’t feel as water-based as one of Omega’s diving watches, for example. The Carrera name derives from the Carrera Panamericana race which was held between 1950 and 1955. The race was considered the most dangerous racing event in the world at the time. It was a border to border race on open roads in Mexico, featuring Sedans and Sporting Cars. It was revived in 1988 and run until 2016.

The Carrera Chrono was born in 1963, inspired by the thrilling race tracks of Mexican open roads and the desire to become a staple in the racing sports watch world. It’s been successful with that challenge.

Unlike a lot of sports watches, the outer case isn’t home to markings and measurements. Instead, it’s slim and smooth. Jack Heuer felt that the markings should be on the inside Bezel of the tension ring of the glass. This assists in creating a cleaner approach to the Dial. And it’s hard to disagree with this theory.

The watch feels sizeable, even though it falls ever so slightly below 40mm in its case size, the timepiece has weight and is powerful to wear. The Carrera, with its subsidiary Dials, feels perfectly balanced and not over-done. Simplicity in its complexities.

The CAR2210 model has a slight change in design to the TAG Heuer logo. The TAG font had been slightly altered, whilst arrows appear at the tips of the G in TAG. The brand new versions of this watch have the usual style of logo. It’s definitely a minor thing. Although, key details and acute differences are intriguing in the watch world.

The date function on the CAR2210 models appears at the 3’o’clock mark on the watch. Newer versions have the date function at 6.

On the back of the case, the famous TAG Heuer logo sits centrally on top of a cross-type texture. Which at a quicker glance, gives the impression of a racing flag. The case is also printed with “Carrera Sapphire Crystal – 100 metres”.

Our Carrera comes with its original box and papers, the watch is in an overall excellent condition with some light scratches on the case. It’s a creation from Jack Heuer himself, and whilst this time-piece is certainly well calculated and modern, it’s immersed in unique history and has become a sports watch to be reckoned with.