As often as a watch purchase is to simply bring joy to the wearer, it is also an investment. Many people buy a watch with the hope that it will retain, or even increase, its value over the years to come.
While it is difficult to predict changes in the watch market, there are some key factors which generally help to mark a watch as a potentially strong investment. These include watches that have become known for their scarcity or craftmanship, have become icons for their brand, or represent a significant
change in the watchmaking industry.

We have selected some watches which we believe may represent a solid investment:

TAG Heuer Autavia 2019

Originally designed and released as a dashboard clock – hence the name (auto mobile and aviation) – the Autavia made its debut as a wristwatch in 1962.
With a series of updates and design changes, the Autavia established itself among collectors. Models of the Autavia remained in the TAG Heuer catalogue until 1986.
Between this time, and the new release of 2019, TAG Heuer re-issued a few editions of the watch. This included a re-edition of the third generation Autavia in 2003 – the first model to display the brands logo; and a contemporary re-edition of the Autavia “Rindt”, made famous by F1 driver Jochen Rindt in the 1960s.
The significance of the 2019 release, is the sheer size of it. TAG Heuer has released a full collection of Autavias for the first time since the 1980s, and people are getting excited about their investment potential.
Price starting from: £2,850

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Memovox

This watch has both history, and limited numbers on its side in its bid to be a solid investment. The Memovox, or “Voice of Memory”, first debuted in 195 as one of the first wristwatches to incorporate an alarm. One of the later releases of the Memovox also became the first diving watch to include an alarm.
This year, Jaeger LeCoultre have released a limited series of 500 pieces with a new spin on the already collectible classic. Complete with a nod to the blue hue of the 1968 model of the Memovox, and an alarm with improved noise sensibility, which can be set to the nearest minute, the 2019 Master Memovox has been picked up on to be as collectible (and investable) as its predecessors.
Price: £9,350

Bremont S301/BK

Despite being a relatively new watchmaker, Bremont has managed to pack a punch in the watch world, making partners out of Jaguar and ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker. The first of the Supermarine collection was developed by the company in 2009, and ten years later they have released an updated version.
The Supermarine is named after the predecessor of one of the most famous aircrafts in history – the Spitfire. As one of the brand’s most recognisable collections, the Supermarine has always been considered to be a collectible option at a reasonable price. The price point also makes the model a fair option
for investment, as it is highly unlikely that the high-quality watch will decrease in price over the years.
Price: £2,995