It is easy to despair, or put off repair when your watch stops working, or the clasp or bracelet or case breaks. It’s also easy to convince yourself that your watch is beyond repair. However, we can assure you that this is probably not the case. In our experience, almost nothing is beyond repair, when it comes to watches.

Even the oldest 19th century watch can be restarted by taking apart, cleaning and oiling the whole mechanism, and putting the whole thing back together again. This might sound quite straightforward, but it can actually get extremely complicated. A watch can contain 300-500 moving parts, all of which need individually cleaning and re-assembling. Therefore, watch repair is best left to professional repairers who have extensive experience.

Watch repairs also need to be carried out in an extremely clean environment, like in a professional repair shop. This is to prevent dust, or other alien particles, messing up the movement of those many parts. If this happens, the watch will need disassembling all over again, putting you back at square one.

Although a servicing, like that detailed above, can often give a watch a new, and sometimes surprising, lease of life, there are a variety of slightly more complicated repairs, which might make you mentally write off your timepiece.

You might think that the piece you need to fix your watch will be too expensive. Or you might believe that only the company you bought your watch from will be able to fix it. This isn’t always the case. In fact, we always strive to work as cost-efficiently for our customers as possible. With our connections and donor watches, it is highly likely that we will be able to find, and fit, the part that you need.

In relation to only being able to get your repair done at the company that you bought it from, this is not usually the case. Out expert watchmakers at Fix a Link have had years of experience in the servicing and repairs of a huge range of watches, and it is extremely rare that we are unable to fix a watch. The team here at Fix a Link are dedicated to providing professional, cost-effective, and fast servicing and repairs, no matter how extensive the damage.