When purchasing a timepiece you want to wear for years to come you will, rightly so, want to care for your watch as best you can. There are many ways you may inadvertently be damaging your watch though.

Here are the ways in which you may be causing avoidable problems and damage to your watch…

Changing the date and time between the hours of 10pm-2am

This might not be something that has even crossed your mind but changing the date and time between the hours of 10pm-2am can damage the mechanism of your watch. This is because between those hours, your watch is already in the process of changing the interface and date ready for the next day.

It is more commonly associated with vintage watches but still worth considering even with a modern watch.

Water resistant doesn’t mean they are entirely water safe

Most modern watches are water resistant but that doesn’t mean they are entirely waterproof. Submerging in water may cause irreparable damage.

It’s also worth noting that steam and saunas can also damage your timepiece considerably.

Winding, winding, winding!

Over winding is again much more common in vintage watches than it is with a modern mechanical watch. Mechanical watches need winding but not many people realise that you can, in-fact, wind too often and too little, causing damage to its movement.

Over polishing

We all want to keep our pride and joy timepieces looking shiny and new but over polishing can remove thin layers of the metal or gold causing damage.

Scuffs and scratches are a natural part of wear and tear on a watch and although polish may bring back the shiny and new feeling of your watch temporarily you can actually be doing more harm than good.

Above are just a few of the most common problems we can all avoid to keep our watches in tip top shape. If you think your watch may be in need of some restoration please click here.