There is no one correct way to store all types of watches. Metal may need to be stored differently to leather and mechanical differently to automatic for instance.

There are several suggested ways to store your precious timepiece and here are ours…


It may not have even occurred to you that, simply just keeping your watch/watches in their original box may not be sufficient enough to avoid damage.

Moisture will always be the natural enemy of a watch. Condensation cam make oils within your watch coagulate causing damage to the mechanics. Wherever you do store your watch be sure to keep them with silica gel to capture any moisture that may sneak in.

If you like to wear your watch/watches often, a glass topped storage box may be a good option. They are usually lined with plush fabric to avoid scratches etc.

If you prefer to keep your watches within a drawer, you can buy special inserts that either allow you to store them within their boxes or lay them out flat. Make sure you buy one with a liner to avoid scratches.

Another popular way to store your valuable timepieces would be in a safe. Some come with special jewellery holders. Just don’t forget to combat the condensation with silica gel pellets.

Humidors are designed to protect cigars from humidity and temperature, both of which can damage your watch. Humidors can be a great watch storing option.

Boxes And Paperwork

Boxes and paperwork should ideally be stored in a similar way to your watches and also with the same level of care. Protective bags will help keep items in tip top shape. Keeping hold of these and looking after them can add considerable value if you ever come to sell them.


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