The single most important thing when purchasing a watch is research. The more you know about your watch the better not only for value for money but also so you know how to care for it correctly and lower the risk of damage.

The first thing to consider is your budget. Being realistic about your purchase as well as your ongoing care budget, will help you in finding the right price bracket for you.

There are so many timepieces to choose from and it can be a bewildering experience. Mesh straps, leather straps, bracelet straps. Mechanical watches, chronograph watches and automatic watches. Analog display and digital display.

Considering how you will store your watch is also important. You can read our advice on that here…

The choice of every watch purchase is a personal one and whether you own a plethora of watches or this is a first time buy, every watch should be considered.

It is important to choose a reputable brand when looking to purchase a watch. Buying brand new from a Boutique will set you back a premium pretty penny. Purchasing from a pre-owned dealer gives you all the benefits of purchasing and owning a luxury watch at a much more cost effective price.